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International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Conference

Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association Conference

New Hampshire Eating Disorders Conference

Central Massachusetts Dietetic Association

EDRDPro Continuing Education Training Webinar

HEAL Conference, The Center for Disordered Eating of Western North Carolina

Massachusetts Psychiatric Society Conference

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  

Newton Country Day School, Newton, Massachusetts

Massachusetts Dietetic Association Annual Symposium

Massachusetts General Hospital Annual Eating Disorders Symposium

Bentley College

Boston Ballet Summer Dance Program

Reebok International

Articles and Other Media that Feature Heidi and Nourish

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Washington Times Article: Flexible Fitness, Food Goals Replace Diet and Exercise as Resolutions for New Year

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Brit+Co Article: 4 Feel-Good Wellness Habits Everyone Should Adopt This Year

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Food Psych Podcast #168: Gentle Nutrition vs. Diet-Culture Nutrition

Bottom Line Health Print Article: “Stop Dieting! And Start Loving Your Body. Here’s how…” May 2019 Issue

Nourish Book Review/Article in the July/Aug18 print issue of the WHOLife Journal (Canada)

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Love, Food Podcast. Season Finale Episode #122

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Food Psych Podcast #107: From Disordered Eating to Health at Every Size

Book Review: Kimberly Fisher

Farm to Table Talk Podcast

Alive in the Fire Blog and Book Review

Budget Earth Blog and Book Review

“Marie’s Pick: Guide to Healthy Living: A new book guides readers to transform their eating from self-control to self-love.” New Orleans Living (print issue)

All Business Radio FM, Nationally Broadcast Radio Interview

Valder Beebe Show, Nationally Broadcast Radio Interview

Doctor Radio: Sirius XM Radio Broadcast and Call-in Hour

Shape Magazine: How Reviewing Restaurants for a living improved my health (and Relationship with my body) by Karla Walsh

Mindful Eating Moms Blog by Corinne Crossley

The Difference Between Dieting and Eating Healthy by Harling Ross (Man Repeller E-Zine) 

Media spokesperson for the Nutrition Department, Children’s Hospital, 1995-1999: appeared on Chronicle (Channel 5 News), NBC Health Watch, and NBC Dateline