Transformation Within and Without

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I dimmed down my social media presence during August and September, enjoying more of my live connections. I was often tempted to pull out my phone and “share” some of the beautiful moments, but instead I paused, took a breath, and stayed with the moments. This felt like self-care during significant life change. 

I’m not interested in dropping Instagram or Facebook. I enjoy staying connected to my activist friends in the eating disorder world, local dance events, and extended family. Social media, when approached wisely, connects me to my values and creative expression, which is my lifeblood. In fact, my writing is flowing like a river after a summer of playfulness, travel, and “out-breath.” I’m ready for the “in-breath” of the more introspective days of autumn and winter. This is when I write vigorously. (Much of it not for public consumption.) 


Summer is shifting into autumn. I took my last swim in Walden Pond (I think). Last weekend, I crossed the US/Canada border at Niagra Falls, creating a watery punctuation mark on a special journey of the heart, celebrating endings and beginnings. This weekend, I visited WaterFire in Providence, RI and experienced art that creates community. It felt integrating on many levels to be there with my high-school-aged daughters and a dear girlfriend from my own high school days. This morning I witness leaves dying as they burst into glorious, lively color in this seasonal transformation. 

Nutrition Counseling Mindfulness

This autumn, I’m beginning to work with 8 individuals who are reading my book Nourish together and taking a deeper dive into healing their relationships with food, body, and self.  I’m diving into the study of somatics and healing trauma. I’m taking on some new individual clients. I’m co-facilitating a multi-disciplinary supervision group for professionals in the eating disorders field who are recovered/ing, and teaching again at the Eating Disorders Institute at Plymouth State University. (There are one or two spaces in both of these. Please reach out with interest.) I’m also changing my hours so that I can be available for my daughters who are making the big transition into high school. When I can, I dance, even if it’s just in the kitchen with my teens and Lizzo. 

I’m a New Englander, so perhaps I feel the season’s drama more intensely. How are YOU honoring transformations? Do you take time to pause, reflect, write, breathe, and appreciate the changes that are happening within you and outside of you during this season of change?