Hit the Garden and Get some D


Maybe it's the new Spring sun and crocuses popping here in Boston, but a lot of my clients are talking about vitamin D this week. As if she knew, a colleague just sent me this very comprehensive article about the vitamin. I suggest anyone with questions about this much-talked-about sunshine vite read it. The article discusses how much sun we need in order to get that vital dose of D and the factors that affect absorption of  D from sunlight: skin color, season, where you live on the planet, and on....

Today, we understand vitamin D to have a major role in mental and physical health, particularly our bones. Health care providers here on the east coast are discovering that many of their patients are deficient. Ask your health care provider or registered dietitian about whether it makes sense to test your vitamin D levels or to supplement. And note the guidelines for supplementation in the article below. (Keep in mind that it's published by the non-profit Vitamin D Council; however, they do put other organizations' recommendations for supplementation in the article, as well as their own.)

The second article that's referenced below is a fabulous review article by Jenn Miller that lists the many benefits of vitamin D as well as the most D-rich foods. Enjoy!

In addition to vitamin D, remember that sunshine nourishes us on many levels. The Spring sunshine we experience here in the east, after a long snowy winter, reminds us of rhythm and rebirth. Take in sunshine's nourishment this week. And, on that note, I'm off to weed and soak up some vitamin D...